Keep Up Apartment Reviews and Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

apartment reviewsAny apartment-renter knows that part of keeping up good apartment reviews means keeping your apartment in good shape.  But maintaining a pristine apartment can be difficult if you want to add your own holiday style.  How can you decorate for the holidays without altering your apartment?  Try out a few of these ideas.

Opt for décor that matches the changing season.  Spice up your apartment with warm autumn colors including jewel tones like deep purple, goldenrod, and amber.  If you are aiming for a more wintry effect, cool blues and greens can change the feeling of your apartment, too.  This trick is especially handy if the weather where you live doesn’t exactly reflect the stereotypical winter wonderland. Whether you choose to string up colorful lights or change up your throw pillows and blankets, you’ll see that little things can make a big difference.

Candles with your favorite holiday fragrances are another great way to usher in holiday cheer.  There are currently seasonal scents in abundance on store shelves.  Find the scents of your favorite foods to give your home an inviting smell without ever having to go near an oven.  Even better, with the days getting shorter, candles will quickly give a dark room a little extra light.  Just remember to be careful with your candles!  Keep them away from anything that could catch fire, as well as pets and children, and never leave your apartment with a candle still burning.  If you’re forgetful, we recommend you opt for flameless candles.

apartment reviews

A few small table decorations can pull a room together.  Add some holiday-themed knickknacks to coffee tables and end tables, or perhaps even as a centerpiece on your kitchen table.  If you aren’t one for baubles, try a more natural look via a vase with a cluster of thin, bare branches and some sprigs of evergreen or holly.  If you already have a table runner (or want an excuse to get one), scatter some pinecones (plain, or painted silver or gold) across it.

Last, add a friendly greeting to your front door!  Use a removable hook to hang up the holiday decoration of your choice.  Include a sign with a cheery message to greet the neighbors, if you like.

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