Find Top Green Cities in the U.S. with Apartment Reviews & More

What does it mean to be a “green city”? Green cities have amenities that help their residents recycle, conserve, and reduce their collective carbon footprint. Additionally, a green city might have…

•  Higher air quality
•  Higher water quality
•  Buildings that are LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified
•  A bring-your-own-shopping-bag policy
•  Land set aside specifically as greenspace
•  Renewable energy sources
•  An efficient public transportation network
•  Initiatives that encourage buying local products and foods

If being environmentally-conscious is a big factor in your search for a new apartment, here are some ways—including reading apartment reviews—to find a new, green city to call home:

An easy place to start is your prospective city’s website. While some smaller towns might not have too much information on their resources and green initiatives, larger cities will readily tout their eco-friendly goals and achievements.

You can also use apartment reviews to determine how green a city is. By offering the real experiences and opinions of its inhabitants, apartment reviews and ratings can help fill in some of the holes a city website may leave when it comes to understanding what it’s really like to live there. The best apartment reviews will cover, not just the livability and eco-friendliness of the apartment property, but life as a renter in the city in general.

Top Green U.S. Cities - AustinCheck the city’s walkability through apartment reviews and services like Walk Score. Minimizing or eliminating your use of auto transit can help reduce your carbon footprint as well as save you money (after all, car upkeep and insurance are expensive!). Find out how walkable your city is by checking apartment reviews to find out what renters are saying about getting around the city, and see what score a city’s neighborhoods get on Walk Score. You can also check out our roundup of the top walk-friendly cities in the U.S.

Apartment Reviews and More from Renter’s Voice

Do you live in a green city? What is your favorite part of living in an environment-friendly city? Have you used apartment reviews to find an eco-friendly home? Let Renter’s Voice know by finding us on Facebook and Twitter!


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