Color Schemes Made Easy for Glowing Apartment Reviews

Paint colorsHave you been stuck with standard boring beige walls since you moved into your apartment? Reviews of your color scheme may be in order, and we at Renter’s Voice are here to help. Whether you want to give a new apartment your own personal touch or revamp a place you already call home, it is never too late to change the way you think about color. You can garner great apartment reviews from friends and give your apartment new life. After all, if you were rating an apartment, wouldn’t you give better apartment reviews to those with a more attractive color palette?

So how can you choose a color scheme that is worthy of glowing apartment reviews? We’re ready to answer your questions! Read on for our top tips.

How Do You Make Your Own Color Scheme?

Instead of relying on a book or a hardware store, why not create your own color scheme? Commit to no more than five colors so you can keep the color scheme cohesive throughout your apartment. Choose from these colors when deciding on your primary colors (each room’s most dominant color), secondary colors (its second most dominant color), and accent colors (the details in the room). Then just mix and match them throughout the apartment! Try using lighter and darker shades of the same color throughout the apartment, or choose hues with similar undertones.

Where Are Your Windows?

How much light does the room get during different times of day? If it is an east-facing room with three windows, you won’t want to be blinded in the morning by pure white walls and furnishings, which will reflect a ton of light. Similarly, if a room already gets very little light, painting it a deep, dark brown will make the room seem even darker, smaller, and less welcoming.

Painting wallCan You Paint?

Before you do any painting in your apartment, make sure it’s allowed by checking your lease or asking your landlord. Some apartments don’t allow painting at all, while others allow it but require you to paint over it with the apartment’s original color before you move out. If it isn’t allowed, you could risk losing some of your security deposit.

What Colors Do You Already Like?

You don’t have to start from scratch choosing your apartment’s new color scheme. Look around you. What colors are you already comfortable with in your apartment? Reviews of the clothes in your closet, the color of your car, and the color of your furniture and fabrics (especially if you plan on keeping them) will tell you which colors you feel at home with.

Submit Your Color Tips for Great Apartment Reviews

Do you have more tips for color schemes that will boost apartment reviews? What is your favorite color combination? Tell us via our Facebook or Twitter!

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