Apartment Safety Tips: Winter Storms

apartment reviewsWinter safety is very important in these colder months, when freezing temperatures are common and snow and ice are a daily concern.  While looking for an apartment, reading a property’s apartment reviews can help you determine if it is well-equipped to handle winter storms and is up to blizzard safety standards.  The same apartment reviews can also tell you a lot about an apartment’s management.  Are they responsive to repair needs?  Do the apartment reviews indicate that the property is well-kept, even in the event of severe winter weather?  Choose an apartment that satisfies your needs for winter safety.  Here are some tips to keep you warm and safe during the upcoming winter months:

Before A Winter Storm
While a snowy landscape can be picturesque, remember that winter safety is imperative.  Maintaining basic safety measures can make a big difference when it comes to winter safety.  If there is any heavy snowfall, make sure to regularly shovel apartment steps and sidewalks.  Once walkways are cleared, you can use salt to help ice melt more quickly.  Make sure that the heat in your apartment is working properly.  If something seems amiss, request maintenance as soon as you can.  The most important thing to do for winter safety is to prepare your apartment.  Reviews of the best products to keep your home safe are worth reading up on.  Additionally, stock up on warm clothes, blankets, flashlights, batteries, and basic toiletries and foodstuffs.

During A Winter Storm
In the event of a winter storm, you should keep the heat on and bundle up.  Listen for weather updates on the radio or TV, and check your computer for forecasts.  If there is a severe weather alert, heed any warnings or instructions that may follow.  It’s much better to be safe than sorry in bad weather conditions!

apartment reviewsAfter a Winter Storm
After a snowstorm, you should make sure that ice hasn’t accumulated around any exposed pipes.  A burst pipe can lead to flooding and major property damage.  Check out last week’s blog post for more information on ways to prevent burst pipes in the winter.  Again, be sure to clear and salt your walkways, and be wary of black ice once you do venture outside, especially on the road!  If there is any damage to your apartment, contact your landlord to remedy the problem.

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