Use Apartment Reviews to Find Peace and Quiet

Silence Please!Barking dogs, booming stereos, noisy neighbors, busy freeways—living in an apartment can involve lots of different kinds of noise. If you’ve been stuck in a noisy living situation, it might be time to start reading apartment reviews in search of a new one. Before you choose a new apartment, it’s best to know what to watch out for so that you won’t end up in the same predicament a second time. Here are some things to keep in mind as you read apartment reviews and tour to help you find a quiet apartment.

Utilize Apartment Reviews

One of the easiest things you can do is browse an apartment reviews website for feedback from other renters. Use a site like Renter’s Voice that lets you submit questions about an apartment property for other Renter’s Voice members to answer. Are you wondering if an apartment’s air conditioners are extra-loud in the summer? Do you want to know if there are lots of families with children living in the apartment complex? An apartment reviews website is a great place to find answers to those questions. Additionally, reading apartment reviews can give you simple, straightforward ratings of overall value and service quality straight from current or past renters, as well as independent evaluators.

During the Apartment Tour

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices using apartment reviews, it’s time to take an apartment tour. When you tour the property, the leasing agent will most likely take you to a show room unit that is made up specifically to show prospective renters during tours. In addition to evaluating this unit, ask where the particular unit you’re interested in is located. Even if you can’t tour that unit, check out the area. Is it close to a pool that may be host to noisy swimmers in the summer? Is it close to a busy street? Is it next to the apartment’s trash pickup area? All of these can create noise disruptions that might not exist in other areas of the apartment complex. Also ask the landlord if the walls are soundproofed.

jet aircraft landingListen Closely

Evaluate the surrounding area. There are some basic big noise offenders, like airports, highways, trains, and grocery stores that get late-night deliveries, etc., that you should watch out for. Apartment tours often take place during the day while tenants are at work, so it can help to come back closer to the evening and evaluate the noise level.

Write Your Own Apartment Reviews

If you’re leaving behind a noisy apartment, or want to recommend a quiet apartment to other renters, be sure to share your experience! You might make someone else’s apartment search easier. Write apartment reviews of your previous apartment to tell new renters what to expect, whether you are discouraging or encouraging them to rent there. Apartment reviews sites like Renter’s Voice can help you make your opinion heard and help other renters make an informed decision about their future noise-free home.

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