Apartment Moving Tips: Moving With Kids

apartment reviewsSo you’ve done your research, looked over the apartment reviews, and had a few late-into-the-night talks about the big decision to make a move. There’s a tingle of excitement, but you also know that moving with kids can be tricky. You may finally be downsizing to an apartment, or simply moving across town – either way, this means both big and small changes for the entire family. Because we know many aspects of moving can be challenging, Renter’s Voice has put together a list of apartment moving tips to keep in mind when moving with kids:

1. First and foremost, talk about the move. Have a family discussion about the move, let your children know why you are moving, and let everyone express how they feel about it. Relocating can oftentimes be the toughest on children, who won’t know what to expect.

2. Get the kids involved. Make sure that each child has his or her own role in the moving process. You can even get your kids excited about moving by having them plan out their own rooms. Provide guidance and direction for the younger kids, and consider providing a budget for the older ones. This will help focus their excitement on the future move.

Another important part of keeping the kids involved is being sure to get their input on potential options for new dwellings. Allow them to come along on tours of new homes or when researching apartment reviews.

apartment reviews3. Keep it interesting and keep them occupied. Moving can be a very positive and exciting experience for the whole family. Enhance the light mood by playing upbeat music and turn packing and unpacking into a family game. If there’s a long road trip involved, it couldn’t hurt to pre-plan music and car games.

4. Stay organized. Moving is one of the worst times to be frantically searching for a lost personal item, like a favorite toy, book, or gaming device. When packing, make sure your kids have their special items in a special, easily-accessible place – not stuffed into a box with random bedding and toys.

5. Research and get familiar with the community. The more quickly your children feel involved and included in their new community, the easier the adjustment period will be. Read online or acquire the local newspaper or newsletter to see what kind of activities and groups your new community has to offer. Many apartment communities will be able to provide you with information about amenities as well as community groups and activities. Apartment reviews may even reveal your new neighbors’ favorite local spots.

6. After the move, go back to routine. Although there will be a lot of unpacking and shuffling around, try to stick to the regular family routine. Don’t suddenly forget about Thursday family game night or Taco Tuesday because everyone’s so busy. The comfort of familiar routines will help turn your new house into your new home.

Do you have any helpful tips of your own for moving with kids? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook! If you’re thinking about making a move soon, let Renter’s Voice help with apartment reviews you and your family can trust.

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