6 Steps to Responding to Negative Apartment Reviews

Angry fist on computer keyboardAs an apartment manager, you do your best to try and make sure all your residents have positive renting experiences. Their online apartment reviews will reflect that experience, and these can be a real help in improving both the quality of life for renters and the reputation of the property. Positive apartment reviews are encouraging to apartment managers, as well as to potential renters who are considering a lease with your property. But what happens when a property receives bad apartment reviews?

Believe it or not, negative apartment reviews can actually be a great way to interact with your renters to improve their experience and the image of your property. After all, online reviews are an incredibly popular and convenient way for future renters to evaluate apartments before even visiting them.

Many apartment reviews sites like Renter’s Voice offer a way for apartment managers to respond to the reviews that are posted by their renters. By listening to and responding to your renters, you’ll gain more credibility with current and future renters and improve your property at the same time. Here are six steps you can take when responding to negative apartment reviews online.

1. Remain Professional

It is easy to take inflammatory apartment reviews personally or respond with a harsh critique of your own. However, it is much more productive to respond constructively. When writing your response, maintain a professional tone, be courteous toward the reviewer, and think of your response as an opportunity rather than a rebuttal. If you are speaking for the apartment property as a business, use “we” and “our” when you write your response. If you choose to write as yourself, identify yourself and use “I” and “my”. State clearly that you work for the apartment and your job title, if relevant.

NOTE: Be sure to clarify with your staff who should be responding to online reviews. That way you can maintain a consistent message from your apartment.

2. Apologize
Even if you think you are right, renters need to hear an apology before anything else. Recognize that they are upset and express that you want to address their concerns.

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3. Offer a Solution

Showing your renters that you care can go a long way. If they are mistaken or misinformed, correct their information respectfully. If they express a concern that is valid, tell them how you plan to address the issue.

4. Provide Contact Information

Let the reviewer know how they can follow up with you if they have further questions or concerns.

5. Double-Check Before You Post

Check your reply for spelling, grammar, and tone. Remember, what you post on a review site is permanent, so the original poster and everyone who browses the site afterward will be able to see it.

6. Respond to Positive Reviews, Too!

Take the opportunity to thank other renters for their positive apartment reviews as well. Not only will your current renters and reviewers like that they are being heard, but potential renters will appreciate an apartment that takes the time to listen to its residents.

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