4 Tips for Decorating a Student Apartment for Less with Apartment Reviews

As a college student, finding an apartment can be difficult. In finding just the right balance between price and value, you will most likely read a lot of apartment reviews and go on several tours before making a decision about your future home. However, even a student apartment with the very best apartment reviews may not be the most well-decorated place to live. But have no fear! Continue to trust apartment reviews while you evaluate student apartments. You can give a plain place a taste of your own style after you’ve moved in. Even better, you can do it on a budget! This week, Renter’s Voice brings you 4 great ways to give your student apartment a dash of your own style for less.

Opening curtains

Change Your Lighting

Adjusting the lighting in an apartment can make a huge difference, and there are lots of little ways you can stray from the glare of the single, overhead bulb. Nix that light and opt for lots of small lamps around the room (three points of light is a commonly-referenced rule of thumb). You’ll save energy this way, too! Or tack a scarf over the light, letting it hang just low enough that the lamp itself doesn’t burn the material. If you have a window, add some sheer curtains to soften the light that comes in. These quick fixes will give your apartment’s space a more home-y feel.

Pot a Houseplant

Indoor plants can brighten up any apartment. Reviews of various indoor plants show that many apartment-renters prefer succulents or herbs. Keeping it small with inexpensive plants like bamboo, aloe vera, androidium, basil, or rosemary gives your apartment a little life without requiring too much maintenance. You can also start a patio garden if you want to add more greenery.

Hanging mirrorMirror, Mirror

Mirrors make a space like a small student apartment seem much larger than it is. To make your room seem more spacious, hang a few mirrors so that they reflect light. For functionality, try a cheap full-length mirror on your closet door. (You can double-check your outfit before you leave in the morning!)

Buy Bargain Décor

Upgrade your duvet, rugs, curtains, wall art, and more by being thrifty and creative. Search online via Craigslist; browse flea markets, consignment shops, and thrift stores; shop for less at lower-priced stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, or HomeGoods to find bedding and other décor at a bargain.

Apartment Reviews for Students and More

Want to start searching for your next student apartment? Reviews on sites like Renter’s Voice can help you make a decision. You can also get more apartment décor and apartment living ideas from our blog every week! Find apartment reviews for places to live near your school by joining Renter’s Voice for free.


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