Tips on Writing Useful Apartment Reviews

apartment reviewDo you know that you are now the world’s top authority on products and services?  Before most of us try a new restaurant, buy a new gadget or even rent an apartment, we look at ratings and reviews to validate our upcoming purchase.  As with any form of communication, some people can easily communicate effectively and others cannot.  This means the apartment reviews you are reading can be a crapshoot.  Some apartment reviews are so positive that only the management could have possibly written it, and some are so angry and emotional that the reviewer forgets to get to the point.  At Renter’s Voice, we have found that the best review out there falls somewhere in the middle while also being informative and honest.

 Here are 5 tips to make sure you are writing an apartment review that is helpful for the apartment community, your friends, and the audience reading the review:

1)    Be honest about who you are.  When I read a review that is talking about how wonderful an apartment community is, my skeptic side immediately thinks, “Is this review written by an employee of the company being reviewed?”  Giving a little info about who you are helps set the stage for what you are about to say.  This doesn’t mean you need to give your full name or personal details, but be honest about when you lived at the apartment community and your personal experience.  You can also invite the business and other people reading the review to message you with questions.  This validates you as much as your review validates the apartment community.

 Check out Northglenn, CO apartment reviews for Aspen Park Apartments, and see how the writer introduces himself.

 2)    Leave out proper names.  Yes, I just told you to be honest about whom you are, so I know this might sound a bit contradictory.  Giving the names of employees of an apartment community, even if it is positive, is not always useful in apartment reviews.  People get promoted, change jobs, and sometimes there is even temporary staff to fill in during busy seasons.  Using names dates your review.  Instead, focus on the experience and the service.  I promise this will keep your apartment review relevant and useful.

 Take a look at the apartment ratings for The Chase in the Village in Dallas, TX to see mention of great service and staff with no names.

3)    Stay focused on the specifics.  Ever read a review that says, “I love this place!” or “You gotta try this place! It is wonderful!”  These reviews show enthusiasm, but they are not very useful.  People are looking for an answer to the basic question of “Why should I rent an apartment here?”  Some of the best reviews out there set up the situation in a way that helps people identify with their experience.  They do this with details like dates, amenities, service, communication frequency, and professionalism.  However, be careful of letting your story take over your apartment review.  We all love a good story, but sometimes they can be a distraction.  Remind yourself to keep your review applicable, honest, and useful.

 One Townlake of Coppell apartment review talks about “Amazing Resident Care!” in Coppell, Texas.

apartment review

4)    Talk to the audience. Talk to the audience as if you are talking with a friend.Whether the apartment review is positive or negative, it must be useful.  Always write like someone is going to read your review to you.  This might mean you should wait to write your review until you have had time to organize your thoughts.  Regardless of your experience, you want your apartment review to be coherent as well as honest.  Always check your spelling and grammar, write in complete sentences, and avoid internet slang (LOL, IMO, OMG).

There are plenty of Dallas, TX apartment reviews but check out Northbridge in the Village and how the ratings and reviews talk to the audience.

 5)    Don’t forget the other side. Every story has two sides and acknowledging that goes a long way.  When writing a review, speak only for yourself and then try to put yourself in the apartment community’s shoes.  Clarifying service “misses” can be helpful and create dialogue.  Perhaps maintenance was a little slow because of a recent storm but maybe a Starbucks drink was delivered to you because you handled the slow service request with kindness.  This helps validate your positive or negative apartment review.

 One apartment review at North Creek Apartments in Fresno, CA titled his review, “Feels like home, is home” and recalls all the changes that took place at this community.

Ratings and reviews become even more important with major decisions like where you are going to live.  Your reviews on impact people’s renting decisions and the apartment communities you are reviewing. If you have fun when writing reviews, the audience reading the review will be able to sense your excitement.  Remember, a review says something about both you and the apartment community.

Renter’s Voice is an apartment rating and review site that provides the most objective and comprehensive information for apartments for rent across the country. Renter’s Voice provides an in-depth view of each apartment community so you can make an informed decision about your next apartment home.

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