Fred Found an Apartment at Marquis on Cedar Springs and a Girlfriend

I have a confession.  My human has put me in therapy – CHA (Cat Haters Anonymous).  Personally, I think it is complete biscuits.  My “problem” is under control.  My human is clearly the one with the problem now.

Fred Found a New ApartmentWe moved into our new apartment, Marquis on Cedar Springs, in Dallas, TX last week, and my human has been completely ignoring me.  This is clearly due to her addiction to Renter’s Voice and Pinterest. She’s excited about the new apartment – review and pin, review and pin. Ugh.  She’s on the Internet all day.

She thinks everyone wants to know how much she loves the pool, fitness center, lounge, and all the other areas here that I am not allowed to go!  Okay, so you love our new apartment and want the whole Renter’s Voice world to know.  We get it!

Her Pinterest problem might even be worse than her addiction to Renter’s Voice.  She is constantly looking at decorating ideas and photos of dogs.  Any dummy can see that those puppies are airbrushed!  No dog is that clean or flea free. Well, except maybe for my new friend Roxie.  Roxie is the only good thing about those mandatory CHA meetings I’ve been attending.  She’s a hot little Terrier here on vacation from Denver.  Her human is also forcing her to attend therapy… on vacation…. Can you believe that?! Shaking my head….

Fred Got a New GirlfriendRoxie and I recently had a rendezvous in the park, and she told me she read my apartment review of the never-to-be mentioned again, cat-infested, unnamed apartment community.  Wow – I’m famous!  Roxie even asked me to tell Sal hello.  That old hound is gonna blush!  Roxie was looking for reputable apartment reviews in case her human decided to move here permanently and she came across mine.  Fingers crossed they move to Marquis at Turtle Creek!  It’s next door, so it is close but not too close if you get my drift.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on what I think of our new pad. Maybe I should post my own apartment review on Renter’s Voice for the new place.

Your furry friend,


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