How To Communicate with Managers at Your Apartment: Review

apartment reviewLet’s say you found the perfect apartment with more than one glowing apartment review. How can you be sure that the apartment review is accurate, and how can you make sure you’ll get what you need once you sign a lease? It may seem obvious to say that communication is essential, but how should you address your high-priority issues with your apartment manager? Believe it or not, it is possible to get exactly what you want and need from your manager. Here’s how.

Be direct from the beginning. Make a list of the items that are really important to you. This may be tangible (like a repair) or intangible, like safety measures. Before signing the lease, read the lease and ask all the questions you need to ask to ensure that you and the manager are on the same page about what you can expect from them. If you have a concern from reading an apartment review, address it now. You may even want to bring the apartment review with you in case you want to reference it. Get the manager’s email and send a summary email of your conversation so that both parties have a copy in writing.

In this initial meeting, get to know the manager. This is a step many people skip, but getting to know the person who will be taking care of your needs is a really good idea. Find out about their life and what they handle and deal with on any given day. Apartment managers tend to be in high demand, with little spare time and a lot of requests to meet and prioritize, not to mention dealing with complaints and the occasional negative apartment review. By understanding what daily life is like for them, you will build a positive relationship and you can get a better feel for how to interact with them effectively. For example, because they field calls all the time, they may prefer emails or texts instead.apartment review

If you do have an issue arise, communicate it both directly and in writing. Be specific about exactly what the issue is, exactly what you request be done about it, and by when you would like it to be done. Ask for confirmation that they will address it and by when they will do so. If they confirm by phone, follow up with a summary email. This allows the manager to plan their time well and allows you to know what you can expect. Plus, should a dispute arise, you will have a record of what they said would happen.

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