Apartment Review: Are Bed Bugs A Show-Stopper?

apartment reviewThe recent resurgence of bed bugs has left many apartment seekers concerned, and for good reason. That’s why an apartment review can really come in handy. No one wants to deal with having their furniture and belongings infested with small biting bugs. Knowing the facts about this little menace can really help you avoid frustrating and even expensive circumstances. But how much should you pay attention to an apartment review that says  there are bed bugs in an apartment that you love?

First, bed bugs are equal-opportunity pests, making their home wherever there are people. So just because one apartment review says that the place is clean and orderly doesn’t mean that bed bugs are not a possibility, and the reverse is also true. Bed bugs are not more or less likely to infest a building that is dirty. What matters is how the bugs are handled once they are discovered. Be sure to read several reviews to get a better sense of what is happening behind the scenes.apartment review

Second, don’t assume that because an apartment review says that one apartment was infested that they all are. That’s a common and misleading myth. If you see an apartment review reporting bed bugs, but you like everything else about the apartment, talk to the management to find out how the situation was addressed. It may be that the apartment complex has become exceptionally pest-free after handling this issue. And, how they handle your questions will tell you a lot about the kind of operation they run. Still, before moving in, do your own inspection to check the edges of furniture.

If you do read an apartment review or hear reports of bed bugs, there are many resources online that can help you resolve the matter quickly and make an informed decision about your new apartment. Review this excellent resource: http://bedbugregistry.com. It has a map of reports all across the country and resources for identifying and dealing with bed bugs.

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