Apartment Reviews from a Dog’s Perspective

apartment reviewMoving is a big deal for you and your pets!  Have you ever wondered what your dog will think of your new apartment home?  Our furry friend, Fred, has never written an apartment review before, but he can give you a little insight.  He asked us to post his objective and very honest apartment review to RentersVoice.com for him.

3.5 Paws – Great park but not enough bacon

I give this place 3.5 paws.  They lost a whole point due to their severe lack of bacon in the office.  Don’t get me wrong, the free biscuits and kisses are appreciated, but I was promised bacon.  If the dog wash happened to close permanently for “renovations” I would consider bumping them up to 4 paws.  I feel like that is a very generous offer.

The boys, Barlow and Sal, and I like to meet for an evening run at the dog park.  The humans do a good job keeping it clean, but it is too bad it isn’t bigger.  If I could really show off my speed for the cute little Collie that is new to the group, that would ramp up my apartment review score for sure.  Good news is that it looks like my human likes her human, so I am impatiently waiting for an invite for a walk.

I am very pleased that there are not many cats here. I thank my lucky stars each and every night when I am lying on the patio.  My last place had a cat behind every door, which is strange because the exterminator always seemed to be around.  Aren’t they supposed to take care of that sort of problem?

My human and I have been here 7 years (that would be one year for the humans out there), and I am pretty pleased.  Implement a bacon policy and I might refer even more of my friends.

You can find me at the park if you have any questions about my apartment review.  I will be the handsome golden retriever with the studded collar.  Don’t ask…it was my human’s idea.

Fred, the resident retriever (and your faithful pet apartment review expert)

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