Use Apartment Ratings to Make the Most of Your Apartment Tour

Apartment complexTouring apartments can be a tricky business. So how can apartment ratings help you make the most of an apartment tour? Making the most of an apartment tour is often about coming prepared and addressing your concerns. Apartment ratings can help begin that process, and can help you make an informed decision. Unfortunately, while leasing agents and property managers are often eager to show you around various units and answer any questions you may have, they are still ultimately aiming to make you a new renter. Additionally, some tours are more informational than others, and the leasing agent may not offer much information up front. For this reason, it is best to come prepared when going on an apartment tour.

Read Up on Apartment Ratings

Before you set foot in a leasing office, a great place to start is an apartment ratings website that features reviews from current and former renters. A property’s apartment ratings are major telling signs of its value, and knowing current or former renters’ opinions and apartment ratings can help tremendously in forming your own opinion about your potential new home. If you read about problems other renters have faced, such as maintenance problems, noise complaints, crime, or difficulty contacting management, ask about those directly during your tour. Management may have addressed these problems since the review was written. If they haven’t, be sure to ask if and when a problem will be resolved. Likewise, if you read about positive apartment ratings of certain services or discounts, ask if they are still available.

Taking the Tour

Apartment kitchen

Finally, when you take the tour, remember to address the problems in the apartment ratings and reviews you have read. Take notes during the tour, especially if you are looking at multiple apartment properties. You may think that you will remember every amenity and price of an apartment, but once you have multiple properties to consider, things can get mixed up very quickly. Additionally, apartment tours can be fairly fast. By taking notes, you can also write down any offers or discounts the apartment may be offering, which are not always included in the brochures or leaflets the apartment might provide. Most importantly, take your time!

Submit Your Own Apartment Ratings

Even if you ultimately choose not to rent at an apartment property, you can still help others by writing a review with apartment ratings of your customer experience with the property. Was your apartment tour helpful? Did the leasing agent or property manager provide you with enough information about the apartment? Ratings of these factors can help renters like you in their search for an apartment. Utilize a site like Renter’s Voice to make your opinion heard and give feedback so that other renters can get the most out of their apartment tours, too.

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