Use Apartment Ratings to Decide Your Next Move When Your Lease Is Up

apartment ratingsIs the end of your apartment’s lease drawing near?  Don’t know what to do next?  Apartment ratings can help you decide.

To Move…
Let’s say you’re completely dissatisfied with your current apartment, you need to be closer to family or a new job, or you just need a change of scene.  If you decide to move out, begin your search for a new apartment with plenty of time to spare.  Get online and read up on the apartment ratings of other properties, then use those apartment ratings to determine which places you should go visit in person.

Once you find a new apartment, notify your apartment’s landlord well in advance of your impending move.  Your lease should tell you how far ahead of time you are required to notify management, but 60 to 90 days is usually the norm.  Also be aware that oftentimes leases automatically renew for another year, so it is imperative to take care of this sooner rather than later.

… Or Not to Move
apartment ratingsNow, let’s say that a root canal sounds more appealing than the idea of going through the hassle of moving.  What should you do?  Really take stock of your experience in the apartment.  Has management responded quickly and effectively to any problems you have had?  Is the apartment complex still of the same quality?  It also can’t hurt to go online and check the apartment ratings of your own property.  There you may find that, while you have had a positive experience, others have dealt with problems that reflect poorly on the property.  But if your apartment ratings are great, and you are still satisfied with the property, go ahead and stay!

Plan Ahead
If you know in enough time that you are not moving out, check with your landlord for offers for tenants who are returning.  Some apartment complexes offer deals for those renewing their leases.Speak with your landlord as soon as you decide what you would rather do.  If you are re-upping your lease, its terms may have changed.  This simply depends on the apartment.  Make sure any changes are clear, and read your new lease thoroughly before signing.

No matter what you choose to do, be sure to leave apartment ratings about your apartment complex. This information will help many others in your position.

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