Spring for These Tech Upgrades and Boost Apartment Ratings, Too

Renters who are tech-savvy are always looking for ways to upgrade their apartments. Unfortunately, landlords are often hesitant to allow renters to make modifications. Apartment ratings are important to landlords, since apartment ratings can help determine the value of the property and the likelihood that potential renters will choose to lease there. If you still want to make your apartment feel more like home while keeping apartment ratings up, there are a few things you can do. Check out these magnificent modifications that will improve your apartment tech without incurring the disapproval of your landlord.

• Spring for a set of high-quality bookshelf speakers. They won’t take up a ton of room, won’t require installation, and will really up the sound quality in your apartment.

• Convince your landlord to install (or let you install) a programmable thermostat. Landlords are often amenable to this kind of long-term upgrade. You’ll save money on utilities by making your heating and cooling more efficient, and your landlord will be able to advertise an energy-efficient apartment and will like the improved apartment ratings.

• Install an alarm system. You can go high- or low-tech on this one, but either way, an alarm system makes your home more secure and can really improve your apartment ratings (as long as you get your landlord’s approval).

Skip the landline and opt for services like Magic Jack or Google Voice for your main phone line. You can keep your current number and cease paying for that pesky landline that you never use, anyway.

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