Scary Break-Ins Hurt Apartment Ratings – Get Help From Your Landlord!

apartment ratingsComing home to discover that your apartment has been broken into can be a scary experience.  Unfortunately, even apartments with the very best apartment ratings are susceptible to burglary and crime.  If you have had an apartment break-in, here are some things you can do to recover.

Notify Your Landlord
Tell your landlord immediately that you have had a break-in.  Your landlord will be concerned both for your well-being and the safety of the property in general.  (After all, break-ins and crime are reflected poorly in the apartment ratings of a property, which is bad for business.)  Your landlord will most likely be willing to help you take the necessary steps to make sure a break-in doesn’t happen a second time.

Take Preventive Measures
First, strengthen the point of entry the burglar used.  By increasing your apartment security, it will take more effort to break in, and a burglar might therefore bypass your apartment altogether.  Ask your landlord to add additional locks to your door, or find out if you can do so on your own.  Fortify sliding glass doors with track-blockers that can be screwed down.  Never leave a sliding glass door open, even during warmer months for ventilation, as a screen door is viewed as easy access for a burglar.  Make sure all your windows and doors fit securely and snugly into their frames.  Next, prevent burglaries by placing visible decals on windows indicating that an alarm system, a dog, a block watch/operation identification system, etc. is in place, if you have them.  If you plan on being away for an extended period of time, ask your neighbors to pick up any packages or newspapers at your door, and offer to do the same for them.

Move to a New Apartment
apartment ratingsIf you still feel unsafe in your current apartment, it may be time to move.  Although you may not be able to break your lease, you may still be able to find a sublessor so you can move out sooner rather than later.  Read apartment ratings and reviews of your potential apartments, so you will have a better chance of avoiding crime and break-ins in the future.  Properties with high apartment ratings for safety, and those that tout several security measures (such as an entry code or a gated entrance) should definitely be considered.  A website like can be helpful in your search, as you can find not only apartment ratings, but also reviews and advice from other renters who have lived on the property or toured it.

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