Make an Apartment Feel Like Home (While Keeping Apartment Ratings Up)

Make an Apartment Feel Like Home (While Keeping Apartment Ratings Up)After lots of searching and assessing apartment ratings, you’ve finally found your perfect apartment! But once you move in, you might feel like something’s missing. That’s because even a place with the best apartment ratings can often feel cold and impersonal upon move-in. However, personalizing an apartment can often pose a problem. Why? Because there’s only so much you’re allowed to do in the way of altering an apartment’s appearance. Some apartments prohibit painting walls, many forbid putting holes in the walls, and more often than not, apartments discourage remodeling or major modifications. It may seem like a strict policy, but the fact is that if a modification goes awry, the apartment will need repairs and may end up looking worse instead of better, which can hurt a property’s apartment ratings. Fortunately, you can be a good renter, keep those apartment ratings up, and still personalize your apartment so it feels less like a rental and more like yours.

Here are a few things you can do that will make your new apartment feel like home without hurting the property’s apartment ratings.

Dress up Your Walls

There’s no bigger downer than those dull, neutral-colored walls that come standard with every apartment. If you can’t paint, you can still give your walls a spruce by adding temporary wall paper, a collection of art in mixed-and-matched picture frames, one large piece of framed artwork, or for a big dose of print, frame a large bolt of your favorite patterned fabric.

Adjust Your Lighting

Changing those harsh lights can really make a difference in your apartment’s look and feel. Use lower-watt bulbs, turn on lamps instead of ceiling fixtures, and let in natural light to create a more intimate feel and stay eco-friendly.

Add Festive Flowers

Flowers are one of the easiest ways to add color (and maybe a little fragrance!) to your apartment. Add a couple of bouquets to your side tables or plant some flowers or herbs on your apartment patio to bring life to your apartment. Just make sure to avoid certain houseplants that might be toxic to your pets.

Have a Housewarming Party!

There’s nothing like having friends and family over to show off your new home, so throw a housewarming party and create some fond memories.

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