Kid-Friendly Décor for the Apartment: Ratings of Furniture, Fabrics, and More

Kids' playroomKids can be hard on an apartment. Whether you have a feisty two-year-old or an artistic toddler, your apartment and its furnishings are subject to all kinds of daily wear and tear. Fortunately, apartment ratings and some easy guidelines can make your apartment a well-decorated space for kids and adults alike! There’s no need to compromise your style when it comes to making an apartment family-friendly. Read on for a few of our best tips, including furniture choices, apartment ratings and reviews, and more, for decorating your family’s home.

Use Apartment Ratings

One of the best things you can do to make your apartment family-friendly is find the right space for rent. Consulting apartment ratings online is a great way to go about finding out if a property is right for you. Check out reviews of the neighborhood, the amenities the apartment offers, and the types of neighbors and families living at the apartment, then use apartment ratings to determine where to make your new home.

Kid-Friendly Furniture

When it comes to kids in an apartment, ratings of furnishings’ designs and structures are important. Find tables that are round or have rounded edges to minimize injuries, and make sure your furnishings are sturdy. Families with young children might want to wait a few years before investing in that expensive couch made out of luxury fabric and spring for less expensive, more durable furniture instead. For example, try to find furniture with stain-resistant upholstery. You might be surprised how upscale certain textured vinyl fabrics can look! “Sensuede” and outdoor fabrics also make great additions to a furniture collection in an apartment. Ratings of these fabrics are high because they are easy to clean and will stand up to daily life with kids.

Décor for the Family

Kids shelf

You want to decorate your kids’ rooms and the rest of the apartment so that it is sophisticated enough for the grown-up crowd but still fun and playful for the kids. A compromise? Mix kids’ framed artwork with the artwork of your choice. Find a cohesive collection of frames to display the art. As for details around the home, putting heavy and/or breakable items within reach can lead to a broken lamp or an injured child, so make sure that lamps, ceramics, and plants are on a higher shelf and out of reach.

More Opinions and Apartment Ratings

Check out this Renter’s Voice post for more family apartment living tips, then find us on Facebook and Twitter to tell us how you make your apartment a family-friendly place! What kinds of furniture have you decided to invest in for your family? How have you decorated your apartment?


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