I’m a Therapist, and My Denver Apartment is My Office

BlakeGreetings from Denver – the mile high city.  My name is Blake, and I’ve only been around for a few years but I’m starting to understand my role as man’s best friend.  You see, my human sits on the couch in our Denver apartment and tells me his life story and all his problems.  It seems his life is pretty busy because of the number of issues that keep popping up!

The good news is he says I’m a good listener; the bad news is that I’m way underpaid as a therapist.  Looking interested while he talks is really hard and while I appreciate the food, water and treats, he should throw me a bone once in a while. I just finished a session with my human, and he is running to the mall right now so I thought I’d take a few moments to try this blogging thing I heard about from my new friend Fred.

I met Fred the other day when were visiting my human’s friend in Dallas, TX.  Thanks to that visit, I learned that in Dallas everybody has big hair and they usually drive everywhere. What a bum deal for dogs. But I did get one chance to go for a walk, and I met this cool golden retriever who introduced me to the exciting world of blogging… and apartment ratings and reviews.

See Fred recently had a little run in with the ‘apartment management law’, and he was able to save his reputation with blogging and the Renter’s Voice apartment ratings and reviews site. Apparently Fred got in trouble with his Las Colinas Apartments and ended up in his current Dallas Apartment, Marquis on Cedar Springs.  Of course, Fred says he was framed – even though the verdict is still out – for that incident involving some cats and a swimming pool.  Between you, me and the internet, I think Fred had everything to do with it.

Big haired dogsWhile looking for his Cedar Springs apartment, ratings and reviews on Renter’s Voice helped Fred make sure it was the right place for him based on the dog to cat ratio.  I learned all this while on our 30 minute road trip up to the Lewisville Dog Park.  It was a pretty cool ride as we passed those infamous Las Colinas Apartments (aka Fred’s old pad), the City of Irving, a small city called Coppell and finally Lewisville – home of the dog park.   We had a great time and an enlightening chat – and we met a lot of big haired dogs. Just get a load of this crew I photographed while we were there!

I’m back in Denver, now and I’ve decided to write about what is on my mind – which is exactly what Fred says I can do when I get ready for apartment ratings and reviews, too.  I love our Boulder Apartments and so does my human.  He likes to shop, eat and partake in adult beverages which are all within walking distance of our apartment. Ratings and reviews we’ve read for apartments in Denver sure helped us make our decision.

But since the move, my human sure has been spending a lot of the time at the mall.  He’s been grooming himself excessively… and putting this flowery smelling liquid around his face.  It doesn’t smell very good to me, not to mention it makes me sneeze, but what do I know?  It’s not like my sense of smell is any better than his, right?  In one of our therapy sessions (last night in fact), he mentioned the name Natalie for the first time. I’m keeping my paws crossed that it’s not another dog… or worse yet, a cat.

I just heard the door open, so I have to run and play dead.  I’m convinced the more tricks I do, the more likely a bone is in my future.  This blogging stuff is cool – keep your ears perked, you’ll be hearing from me again soon.



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