Apartment Ratings and Subleasing Your Apartment

apartment ratingsFinding and securing a new apartment can be a tricky business.  Sites like Renter’s Voice can help, as they provide searchable lists of apartment ratings for you to look over.  An apartment review website can help determine what kind of shape the property is kept in, the quality of management, and knowledge about the apartment’s location.  This sort of information can cut down immensely on the amount of time you may spend trying to find your new home.

After searching through apartment ratings and reviews to find your ideal new home, there can still be plenty of hang-ups along the way.  Let’s say your current apartment’s lease expires in January, and though you would like to find a new apartment in plenty of time, many apartments do not know the availability of new spaces until two months or even one month ahead of time. So what happens if you find the perfect place, but it is available immediately and you still have a few months left on your current lease?  Rather than let the opportunity pass you by, your best move may be to sublease your current apartment while securing a new one.

Note that it is important to get your landlord’s approval before subletting your apartment.  Some properties do not allow tenants to sublease at all, while others require that you obtain the written consent of your landlord first.  Furthermore, you will likely still be held to the terms of your original lease.

apartment ratings

Once you have your landlord’s consent, it is time to find a subletter.  If the apartment ratings of your complex are positive, you will of course have a much easier time subletting it.  It is important, however, not to rely too heavily on a single source for advertising.  Putting the word out about your apartment specifically is key.  Try listing your apartment on Craigslist, a classified advertisement site that features everything from furniture sales to personal ads.  Include pictures in your ad, making sure your apartment is clean, tidy, and well-lit before you take them, and be specific in the description of your apartment and the amount of time for which you wish to sublease it.

Craigslist ads are also picked up by useful smartphone apps like PadMapper, which lets the searcher find apartments based on their proximity to a certain location.  Subletters in particular can take advantage of apps like this, as they often allow the searcher the option of seeing only properties for sublet, giving you a better chance of finding a subletter who is interested in your specifications.

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