Apartment Decorating on a Tight Budget for Apartment Ratings

apartment ratingsDo you feel like it’s time to give your apartment décor an upgrade? When redecorating, you want to keep your apartment ratings up and create a stylish home while sticking to your budget.  Budget apartment decorating doesn’t have to be a chore though.  With these tips, you’ll be on your way to an apartment that looks like new for a fraction of the usual redecorating cost.  After all, your apartment ratings don’t have to suffer because of a low budget.

Choose an Inspiration Piece
Select something with a design style and color scheme that speaks to you, whether that look is contemporary and bright or old-world and somber.  You will build your design around this style idea.  Keep in mind that everything you decorate with doesn’t have to—and really, shouldn’t!—match this piece exactly.  For example, neutrals play a big part in the décor of many rooms.  They key in creating an attractive style that will garner good apartment ratings is balance.

Furnishings: Old or New?
Do you want to keep what you have or replace your furniture with new pieces?  You can always opt for a combination of the two.  If you are thinking of adding or rearranging furniture throughout the apartment, consider making your own furniture template, which will allow you to try out different arrangements before you commit to one.  If you are keeping the same furnishings you can choose to paint, refinish, or reupholster them to give them new life.  Slipcovers are another great way to change up the look of a sofa or chair.  If you want new furniture but don’t want to foot the cost, try searching CraigsList.  There are great deals, and often even free items, you can find to complete your look and boost your apartment ratings.

apartment ratingsIf you choose to change nothing else, an update in the accents in your apartment can make a world of difference.  Changing your accessories is actually one of the best ways to decorate a small apartment, since there may not be much room for changing out the furniture.  Instead, opt for new curtains, add a mirror to visually enlarge the space, update the framed pictures on your walls, find a unique painting at a flea market, or even create and frame something yourself!  Just be sure to comply with your apartment’s rules about modifications to your walls, so you don’t hurt your apartment ratings.

Visit Renter’s Voice to find apartment ratings for thousands of apartments around the country. You may find the inspiration you need to redecorate your current apartment or find the stylish future apartment of your dreams.

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